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PPE and Safety Equipment

This Division Makes Sure That You Are Safe And Protected In Any Working  Environment. We Only Supply Quality Approved Products.


Safety Boots, Gum Boots, Fashionable Safety Boots, Security Boots In Most Sizes For Men And Women.


Conti Suits, Boiler Suits, Acid-flame Resistant Overalls, Reflective Safety Bibs, Highly Visible Freezer Jackets, Disposable Overalls.


Ffp1 Dust Masks, Face Face Shields, Hard Hardest (Sabs), Ear Protection, Eye Protection.


Fire Extinguishers, Safety Signs, First Aid Kids, Air Horns


Breathalysers, Drug Tests.


Green Lined Gloves, Chrome Leather Gloves, Slim-fit Gloves, Pvc Gloves, Handling Gloves.


Buggy Whips, Road Barriers, Barrier Tape, Road Cones, Flags


Safety Harnesses, Height Safety Equipment And Inspections On All Webbing Products.

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