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We distribute only the best and most reliable brands available in the South African market.


Tig, Mig & Stick welding machines, Air and water cooled.


Plasma Cutters.


Welding Wire, Tigfill Rods, Welding Electrodes, Tungsten Bits, Fillers and Brazing Rods in all sizes and material specifications.


CO2 Welding Torches and all their consumables, Water cooled torches, Electrode holders, Gouging Torches, Tig Torches, Earth Clamps, Welding cables.


Gas cutting and welding, Torches, Regulators, Flash back arrestors, Nozzles, Anti-Spatter, Gas houses and clamps.


Welding helmets auto darkening and flip front, Welding goggles, Gas cutting goggles.


Welding gloves, Arm spats, Leather aprons, Welding caps.


Lancing rods.

We repair services any brand of welders plasma cutters and welding torches.

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